A website about the Blessed Virgin Mary's apparitions and messages, and their meaning for the world.

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mirjana1TN.jpg (3303 bytes) The main message of Medjugorje is peace - through conversion (reconciliation with God), faith, prayer and fasting.
ivankaTN.jpg (4037 bytes) Since 24 June 1981, Mary has been appearing to several young villagers, calling people to change their lives and to be converted to belief in God.

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Millions of people, including Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, have made pilgrimages to Medjugorje, and large numbers have changed their lives finding peace with God and with each other.

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Peace in the world is in a state of crisis, and 'mankind must be reconciled with God and with one another. vicka1TN.jpg (3764 bytes) Here you will find the messages, and the reflections and testimonies of pilgrims. marija1TN.jpg (3620 bytes)

Mary revealed herself as Queen of Peace, and brings an urgent and prophetic message for mankind.


Medjugorje and the Catholic Church
The Medjugorje Network recognises and accepts that the final judgement
regardingthe authenticity of the Medjugorje apparitions rests with the Holy See.

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