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Jelena Vasilij

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Jelena Vasilij, born in 1972, is not a visionary, but from the early days of the apparitions she has received messages from Our Lady by inner locution. She impressed many theologian visitors to Medjugorje by the profundity of her communications, while still only eleven years old. She used to talk to pilgrim groups. Later, when she showed academic promise, she went to the Franciscan University in Steubenville in the United States, and then to Rome, where she undertook doctoral studies in theology. She now travels to many countries as a Medjugorje apostle.

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Sister Emmanuel

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Sr Emmanuel Maillard is a member of the French Community of the Beatitudes and lives at the house the Community has had in Medjugorje since before the Balkan war. It was during the war that Sr Emmanuel became known for her regular messages about the situation, always related to the mission of Our Lady. She has had enormous impact on France, stimulating a huge response to Medjugorje among French pilgrims, but her apostolate has broadened as her books have been translated and she has travelled widely to make Medjugorje known, particularly in the United States.

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