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Mirjana Soldo

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Born in 1965, Mirjana is the most educated of the visionaries. She was the first to be told the ten secrets now being entrusted gradually to the other visionaries. Her apparitions ceased on Christmas Day 1982, except for an annual visit from Our Lady on her birthday, 18th March, and she has inner locutions on 2nd of each month, when Our Lady calls on her and the pilgrims to pray especially for unbelievers. It is Mirjana who will reveal the secrets to a priest whom she has chosen, Fr Petar Ljubicic, ten days before the events to which they relate are due to occur. Her prayer mission from Our Lady is to pray for all unbelievers. Marjana is the second oldest of the visionaries, a graduate from the University of Sarejevo where her family lived. Married to Mark Soldo who she knew since they were children, she lives in the parish of St James's Medjugorje and has two daughters.

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Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti

Born in 1964, Marija has mainly become known as the visionary through whom Our Lady has given her weekly, and later monthly messages for the parish and the world. In December 1983 she asked Fr Vlasic, her spiritual director at that time, to send the Pope a warning about the urgency of the Medjugorje messages, and how certain future events would confirm them - the so-called secrets. Marija later married, and now lives in Italy with her husband and four boys, but is frequently in Medjugorje, and often travels to other countries to speak about Medjugorje. Her prayer mission given by Our Lady is to pray for all the souls in purgatory, and she has received nine secrets.

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Ivan Dragicevic

Born in 1965, Ivan now lives mainly in Boston USA with his wife and three children, two girls and a boy. He is perhaps the visionary whose life has been most transformed by the apparitions. At 15, he was a somewhat awkward adolescent doing poorly at school. He later tried his vocation but was rejected by the seminary as having insufficient aptitude. He spoke to visiting pilgrim groups for many years until he married, and now he makes tours in the States and in other countries, sometimes with one of the Franciscans, and frequently returns to Medjugorje where the prayer group he began still functions and when he is there receives twice-weekly visits from Our Lady. These occasions, usually on one of the hills, are the scene of huge gatherings of pilgrims.

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Vicka Ivankovic

Born in 1964, Vicka is the oldest of the visionaries. Her prayer mission from Our Lady is to pray for the sick. She has been the visionary most attached to Medjugorje, which she only rarely leaves, and she continues to receive pilgrims every day. Vicka prays with them and for them, and tells the message of Our Lady very simply and powerfully. She is known to have suffered a variety of serious, but never fully diagnosed, illnesses which seem to have a penitential purpose. Recently married, she and her husband Mario have a daughter born in January 2003. Our Lady has so far confided nine secrets to her.

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Ivanka Elez

Born in 1966, Ivanka has been the most retiring of the visionaries. Her apparitions ended in May 1985, and since then she meets Our Lady only annually on 25 June. She is married with three boys and a girl, and lives an exemplary but quiet family life a short distance from Medjugorje, where she meets with pilgrim groups.

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Jakov Colo

Born in 1971, the youngest of the visionaries, Jakov was abandoned by his father and then orphaned of his mother in the early days of the apparitions when he was only ten. His wordless testimony to the apparitions was very powerful at that time, his face in ecstasy being something that could not conceivably have been faked. After avoiding pilgrims for a long time through shyness, he later became more confident and now talks to pilgrim groups. He married in 1993, and now has two girls and a boy, and lives in Medjugorje. Since receiving the tenth secret in September 1997, Jakov now has an apparition once a year, on Christmas Day.

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